SymFunny Artists

SymFunny Artists it's not just Agency. It's a union of musicians, producers and artist managers from all world. Our desire to create as many high-quality concerts as possible.
To provide with concert activities famous artists and young talents. Open to the music world new names and introduce viewers around the world to our Soloists and Conductors. In the section Projects you can see our ready-made programs, as well as shows of our colleagues from Italy, Russia, Israel and Ukraine whose representatives we are. To bring the sound of music to places where the concert of classical music is a rarity. A separate niche is occupied by jazz projects. Soloists, trios, quartets, combos and big band orchestras. The pride of our company is the Moscow Classic Royal Ballet, cooperation with them opens up new opportunities for all interested organizations.
The musicians gathered here are the pride of their countries and we are happy to share our art with you. 



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